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The Tavern

Nourishment takes many forms. We are fed through laughs, nurturing environments, human contact, passionate work, rest, art, community, and food. Traditionally, a tavern was a place we went for all these things. It was a community cornerstone for locals and visitors. Soul Tavern is resurrecting the tavern as it was a century ago—with soul—for the soul.

The Five Elements -  Body, Mind & Spirit

The Five Elements are a 5000 year-old system for balancing the body, mind and spirit. It indicates that we are made of the same organic material as nature and so in turn, our body, mind and spirit express themselves just as nature does. Harmony among the elements of nature brings peace. Balancing the elements within brings health and a foundation for personal growth and evolution. Soul Tavern’s menu has been carefully crafted by masters of the 5000 year-old Five Element system to create health and harmony with every gourmet bite. Ancient wisdom has never tasted so good.

Health and “Hang” Coexist

Making healthy, gourmet food is what we do. Using fresh, whole foods grown in nutrient rich soil combined in the right ways are crucial. But making healthy food is as much, if not more about what we don't do. Avoiding preservatives, additives, chemicals, refined sugars, genetically modified foods, unnecessary processing, poor oils, and overheating delicate oils on their own will ensure healthy choices. Soul Tavern is committed to being as healthy as any restaurant on the planet while our focus is on gourmet good times and having an experience that satisfies on all levels.

Founder, Dr. Jason Gordon

Jason has spent over 25 years in health and wellness. As a Doctor of Chinese Medical Qigong and an Acupuncture Physician, he has maintained a clinical practice that integrates Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, energy medicine, supplementation, herbal medicine, nutrition, various forms of bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy, lifestyle counseling, psycho-spiritual counseling, Yoga, meditation and group facilitation work.

He has seen many trends come and go and has seen science develop and change through the years. What he holds dear are the age old practices that stay in style and that new science doesn’t disprove. The fundamentals of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle stand the test of time.

Of course, there is a season for all things. So the lifestyle we each live is personal and relevant to our histories and our aspirations. It requires understanding and love to allow others to live the lifestyle they choose while non-judgmentally sharing opportunities and experiences that can support and inspire. He believes creating environments where people can experience themselves in a new way, or in a familiar way with different and supportive context, is a powerful way to impact lives and create community.

After years of teaching seminars and facilitating retreats, he learned that the best way to affect people is through experiences infused with intention, relaxed of agenda, and reverent of mystery. Soul Tavern is his latest retreat curated over the course of his lifetime. Body, mind, spirit…eat, drink, live.

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